personal present, 2014

ink, charcoal and scented massage oil on paper, A0 (84,1 x 118,9 cm)





present - from latin praesens, from praesse: to be in front of, from prae- before, in front +esse to be

- the present   the time being; now
- Grammar: the present tense; a verb in this tense
- for the present   for the time being; temporarily
- anything that is presented; a gift
vb. (mainly tr.)
- to introduce (a person) to another, esp. to someone of higher rank
- to introduce to the public
- to show, to exhibit
- to put forward, to submit
- to give or award
- to offer formally
- to represent or depict in a particular matter
- (intr.) to produce a favourable, etc. impression
present oneself   to appear, esp. at a specific time and place
- (prenominal) in existence at the moment in time at which an utterance is spoken or written
- (postpositive) being in a specified place, thing, etc.
- (prenominal) now in consideration or under discussion
- readily available; instant
- mentally alert; attentive

I am now