Wagner + Partner Galerie Berlin

21.10.2016 – 19.11.2016

Andreea Cioran, Izabella Gustowska, Eckart Hahn, Ren Hang, Natascha Stellmach


Our times are seeing an increasing move towards ‘the body’ – correspondingly reflected through various trends such as fitness, tattoos and diet – in which physicality becomes more than ever a defining element of identity. Are we as modern, individualised people, persistently thrown back on our bodies for our identity formation?

Analogous with “identity” is our tussle: between inner and outer, between bodily sensations and movement in a social context, and between affirmation and differentiation. What does it then mean, to have a body and to form an identity? This exhibition addresses these questions in numerous ways: through photography, installation, film and painting – and by artists that span several generations.